“Who are you and what is this blog!?”

This is my very first blog post so I thought I would kick it off with a little introduction.

So, Hi! My name is Iszie. I am a sister, sailor, and most importantly I am a follower of Jesus Christ! I started this blog as a creative outlet to keep me accountable in my walk with the Lord as well as to strengthen my writing skills! (They need a LOT of work)



I began this blog after realizing that there aren’t many articles I could find geared towards the Christian woman in the military. Being a female in the Navy is hard enough but when you add the Christian aspect – oh boy!


I started thinking of my younger sister and her desire to join the military! I wondered what I wish I could’ve known and prepared myself with at her age.  Although, this blog isn’t just going to be specific for a military woman. This blog will be filled with all sorts of things that I am passionate about or topics that God leads me to write about!

My expectations for this blog are not high… I just want to share my experiences and goals. If that means that I also help someone find Jesus along the way, then that’s pretty cool too. 🙂

IF you have actually read this and you’re not Iszie from the future feel free to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram! And if you feel inclined (aka ENCOURAGED) to leave any comments or suggestions below -go for it! 🙂

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