What I am LOVING!

Life as an active duty military member doesn’t always leave you with a lot of free time! More days than not I don’t get that refreshing, me time that I so desperately need. When I do, these are the things I am loving!

1: The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

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This wonderful podcast has been a Godsend. It is free on youtube and you can download it to listen without using up your data! I usually opt for this instead of music on my long walk from the base down the pier to my ship. Being a female on a male-dominated ship means that I don’t get that much needed “girl-time” to chat about life. Especially with other Christian women! This Podcast has host Jamie Ivey having a conversation with another influential Christian woman about their lives and other fun topics! It reminds me of going to go get coffee with a girlfriend! The podcast is very informal and differs every episode! It is something I’m recommending to all of my friends! Ms. Ivey has come out with a book titled, “If You Only Knew” I’ve heard great things and I’m looking forward to reading it soon!

2: “Mark Of the Lion” series by Francine Rivers

This Fantastic series is centered around the life of a Jewish slave and her faith in God 30 years after the death of Jesus Christ. SHe is bought by a Roman family and given to a naive Roman socialite named Julia. Julia is the sister of Marcus Valerian, a handsome, stubborn, and ambitious character who often interacts with Hadassah. She consistently pursues her faith despite it being dangerous and the evergrowing possibility of being thrown into the Coliseum arena to die.   This fantastic series is exciting and emotionally engaging. It’s my go-to on my duty days (After all the work is done and I’m not on watch, of course!) Many times I have been caught in my workspace completely enthralled in my book. I am currently reading the Third book, “Sure as the Dawn” it follows the life of Atretes a leader of a German tribe that is overthrown by Rome. He becomes captured and turned into a gladiator. The series encompasses adventure, love, sacrifice, and multiple characters journies to/with Christ.  It’s unquestionably on my must-read list! (I might have to make a separate post about this!)

Check out this book review about the series! https://waukeearrowhead.com/6565/entertainment/mark-of-the-lion-series-book-review/

3: Exercising at the Gym

With the PRT’s coming up soon every sailor and their mother are heading to the gym! Luckily, if you’re an active duty military member you have access to the gym on base. Sometimes these gyms can be a little… limited. However, it is a great free alternative to the gym membership you will never use! If you’re just starting out most gyms on base offer free classes and advice. If they don’t offer any help Youtube and Pinterest have been my go to! You can learn so much about things like nutrition and meal prepping. (Something I may end up writing more about!) I personally work out at least four times a week immediately after work or when the gym first opens on the weekends. No people mean more machines/ equipment to use and I can blast “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey” as loud as I want. It’s always the first week that is the hardest! But once you find a routine that works for you I guarantee it will become addicting!

4: Ginger Smoothies

I can’t tell you how much I love ginger in my smoothies. I’ve become addicted. Even my roommate the other night said, “I think you snort that when I’m gone.” I died!

Ginger is a south-east Asian spice created from the Rhizome (the stem of a plant that runs horizontal underground) of a plant that looks similar to bamboo. I started using it to fight nausea around my FAVORITE time of the month. It does so much more than that. Web M.D. lists a bunch of benefits that include it treating; Baldness, burns, indigestion, gas, and pain. I personally just love the taste.

My favorite recipe

  • Ginger
  • LOTS of raspberries
  • half a banana
  • some blueberries
  • a dash of mango
  • apple juice
  • more raspberries!

5: Vinyl Records

While walking around my new town I was trying to find something inexpensive and fun to do. I stumbled upon a bargain C.d., Movies, and Vinyl shop. BEST FIND EVER. I have absolutely fallen in love with the nostalgia of using old vinyl records. There is something so satisfying about holding the music and placing the needle down. I love the science behind it! Depending on the record you can get them relatively cheap! Once you buy a record player it really isn’t very expensive to maintain and can be sold for as low as $40. My two favorite records I’ve purchased are each under $5 dollars. I could spend hours looking through and trying out all the different LP’s! Not to mention the cover art makes for some pretty neat wall art!


Let me know if you like any of these things too and what you’re loving at the moment! 🙂



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