I had Kidney stones

I have been sick!! *warning the following post is a little disgusting*

Let me tell you about kidney stones. They absolutely suck! I don’t think I have ever gone through so much pain before in my entire life. It was absolutely ridiculous.

I ended up getting sent home from my job because of how bad it was and was scheduled to receive surgery.

The surgery:

I received Ureteroscopy.  Which means, they put me under and stuck a tiny scope into my ureter to hunt for kidney stones. Once they were removed the stones they input a stent. A little tube used to help you pee. It stays in after the surgery and sometimes has a string attached that hangs out your vag- like a tampon. Yuck! I removed the Stent myself (Very traumatizing -I’m a wimp!) and kept it. Because I birthed that worm-like thing. We have been through a journey me and that stupid thing. I will definitely talk more about my battle with kidney stones. Let me know if you have any questions!



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