How to wash clothes while traveling

How to wash your clothes while traveling… (or in my case when you’re broke and the washing machine you use is broken and you’re too poor to pay for the gas in your car to go to the laundromat…. *deep breath*…..ok)

When I was traveling during my weird hippie phase I got extremely good at washing my clothes on the go. I have washed clothes in rivers, hotels, gas station sinks. You could say I am pretty good at this.


  2. WATER


  1. STEP ONE: Take whatever soap you’ve decided to use (I usually always have a few tide pods or the mini containers of detergent) fill up the sink with water and plug. Now you may be wondering, “Why not put the detergent on the actual clothes?” I find my clothes smell better and feel fresher when I wash them in already soapy water. But hey! To each their own.
  2. STEP TWO:  Start with smaller and thinner items. you’ll find that these are easier to rinse without having to empty the sink and use more detergent.  Make sure you soak the clothes thoroughly. It does not hurt to swish and swash them. For tougher stains and dirt use the fabric itself to scrub. (fewer tools)
  3. STEP THREE: RINSE THOROUGHLY. I can not stress that enough. weird things can happen if you don’t. Things like strange flecks or dark stains from the unwashed soap.


  • Hang over a shower rod
  •  Tie a DIY clothesline in your car (This is why I usually have some kind of rope or bungee cord in my car.)
  • The hotel hair dryer.  (My personal favorite) This option can take a minute. Most of the time I will ring out my clothes well, then blow dry them a little and when they’re mostly dry (Or I get bored) I’ll let them air dry overnight.
  • …..not exactly safe…. but sometimes I put my clothes on a heating vent in the winter… I’ve been warned not to do this. So I will also warn YOU not to do this. but IF you do…. make sure to flip the clothes over after an hour. So both sides dry evenly.

Let me know if you want any more of my methods. I swear- I’ve done it all. I think one, for now, is enough. 🙂

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