sexual assault poem

I gazed in the mirror with my red flannel on

I see messy blonde hair and dark circles under my eyes

I never noticed when the bruises and scratches had gone

I still wasn’t sure if anyone heard my cries


Too many people and too many noises

My heart was in pieces but my body had healed

A sweet boyfriend that cared were the reason I chose this

It was in the nightmares and fear that all was revealed


I couldn’t be intimate. Even hugs game me fears

The memories still haunting shook me to the core

Even just a kiss would leave me in tears

“If I got helped then I’d be better.” I swore


They gave me books and a calming technique

It wasn’t until someone had prayed

I realized prayer and Jesus I needed to seek.

That was when the fear started to fray


Love had replaced fear

Anguish and despair by joy and peace

I realized God had been here

Slowly the panic started to cease


I knew I was broken

I needed to be whole

God knows though I hadn’t spoken

He gave trust a new role








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