I think I should move out!

I have the most disgusting roommates!!!

When you’re in the military and are a lowly e-3 you don’t get to pick your roommates. I’m honestly lucky I don’t have to live on the ship! That is a huge blessing! But sometimes I might prefer it! The constant hostility I’m feeling when I come in the room and not to mention the putrid fridge I can’t even use!!!? I want desperately to get out.

Here you can see what the fridge looked like back in October! That is what rotting potatoes look like ladies and gentlemen. It got so bad it seeped out onto the floor and the smell has been there ever since.

( Note: There was also milk that had expired in MAY that I found in October)

It was just before this incident that I ended up getting my own fridge. Thank God!!!

“Why didn’t you just clean out the fridge Iszie!?” I did.. Several times I cleaned out the fridge only to have backlash from my roommates. After a while, it really starts to get tedious cleaning up after adults.

Not to mention my roommate’s loud music and irresponsible behavior. I don’t want to be a part of it! We have already been talked to by the front desk because people have complained. One of these days, they are going to get in trouble and when everyone living in the room goes up for Captains Mass I don’t want to be here. I’ve talked to my chain of command multiple times about switching rooms. Unfortunately, 6 months later nothing has happened.

So now I am searching for a room. I’m an E-3 so I don’t get paid much. It’s been suggested to me to try talking to the pastor of my church and ask if he knows of anyone willing to rent out a room. What do you think? Any suggestions on how to find a safe place to live?? I’ve never been roommates with someone I didn’t know prior. I’m running out of options.

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