Transform:20 thoughts!

I recently signed on under my Mom as a beach body coach. Being in the military, I get a discount on the work outs and shakeology. Which is AWESOME! I would love to talk more about beachbody on demand and how it’s really done amazing things for my health!

Transform 20 is really looking like it’s going to be a great work out! It’s definitely not for beginners but can be modified. I’m in love with Shaun T’s use of the step! I tried the sample work out -whew! I was definitely sweating.

I’m really trying to get a grip on how my year is going to look. The uncertainty of the Navy is of course stressing me out. But would you look at me!? Making the frst steps to a healthier and happier me! I’m pumped. If you’re interested in working out with me let me know in the comments!!

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