2020 Pep talk to myself (Kinda)


This year has absolutely been horrendous. Just… plain awful… like…. wow….

This year I had SO many goals and hopes… We all did. BUT this year is not over. I’m giving myself until January to really make some changes.

1. Bible time HAS to be prioritized.

2. Fittness needs to start being a life style and not a dream

3. Taking care of myself (mentally, physically, and emotionally)

4. I want to start posting regularly.

Ok, So, To future Iszie who is reading this. GET a grip and GET yourself together! You can do this. Stop being a lazy piece of trash and doing the bare minimum. Go to the gym… STOP eating dairy when you KNOW that you CAN NOT EAT IT. PUT DOWN THE LEGGINGS. Drink some fricken water and wash your face. ALSO get your laundry out of the dryer. BECAUSE you and I BOTH know that it’s been in there for a while now…. Also I love you.

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