Favorite Youtubers!

I’ve been obsessed with YouTube this year! Especially with social distancing being our reality. I’ve actually stopped subscribing to Netflix and now subscribe to YouTube . Here are my top ENTER NUMBER HERE YouTubers for the year 2020 (This far).

Kaylee Melissa

This Wonderful and upbeat lady is a genius with hair. If you’re bored and want to try out some new styles then look no further! Her channel features light-hearted content revolving around beauty and hair. She frequently teams up with her younger sister; giving examples of styles on long and short cuts.

Bailey Sarian

She’s chatty, edgry, and probably the sweetest personality. I’ve been into true crime and self-care during quarantine. Bailey does these awesome Murder mysteries and makeup series every Monday. It ‘s nice to sit back and relax, while watching her do her makeup and listening to what’s been on her noggin this week. (Also, I highly recommend her little series where she read her 8th grade journal.) Viewer discretion is advised. She does cover sensitive topics and uses language that can be triggering for some.

Milena Cicciotti

Faith based and with the cutest family. This awesome mama provides real and raw content about her life. She also has a fantastic podcast with her husband called, As For Me And My House. Her Channel is great for new moms or weirdo’s like me who just love her aesthetic and dogs. Each of her videos begin with an encouraging bible verse and just leave you feeling like you’ve had coffee with a girlfriend.

Royalty Soaps

Quirky and Creative, this series brings you to soap maker Katie and her original soap designs. Each month she comes out with a new set of ideas for each soap and brings you along for the enire process of making the soap. With the occasional appearance of her hilarious brother Kenny you will be entertained and soothed while watching her, “Scrapey scrapey her big containey”.

Whitney Simmons

This girl is straight hot fire with her fittness channel. MY personal favorite has been her “What I eat in a day” videos. All of her meals look yummy and are easy to make. She’s recently gotten engaged to her cute boyfrind so there should be a whole wedding series on the way! Can’t forget her two cute pups , Indie and Navy!

Mia Maples

This is a fun channel that focus mainly on hauls and renovations! Mia has a wholesome channel that she uses frequently to benefit others (She renovated her grandparents house.) Her Mom (Mama Msples) Stars as her guest. They’re super cute together and always very positive.


The Legging queen. This girl loves to shop and is the expert on all things activewear with a cute co-host named leo . (Her adorable and fluffy dog.) She occasionally reviews Swimsuits as well and her husband, Tyler, reveiws his socks. His added presence to her channel over the past year as been great!!

Conagh Kathleen

A Young australian woman who has started vlogging. I’ve watched her channel since she first started out with makeup videos a few years ago. She does the girly youtuber thing with frequent hauls, weekly vlogs, and beauty videos. It has been an absolute joy to watch her grow as a woman!

Tiffany Dawn

Awesome faith based videos geered mostly to younger woman and singles. She also has an encouraing email subscription. She’s currently pregnant with Baby number two. Her husband makes an appereance every now and then giving a helpful perspective from a male’s point of view.

India Batson

Curly girl India is a southern belle who has just adopted a rescue puppy name Mochi. She’s engaged and planning a wedding and is open about her Christianity and struggles in life. She makes videos that make you feel like you’re having those awkward conversations about bra’s, shaving, and hair with a best friend. All her videos are very positive and very colorful! Always uplifting to watch!

Let me know in the comments what Youtubers you really enjoy! I would love to get more recommendations!

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