Operation be social: Church horror story

Let me begin this by telling you that I have the worlds most patient boyfriend. He also wins the awards for most annoying and sexiest butt. For the sake of maintaining his privacy and because he doesn't know I have this blog, we are going to call him Blue-eyes. I'm also notorious for doing weird … Continue reading Operation be social: Church horror story

Operation be Social: Church Edition

Operation be Social: Church Edition I CAN DO THIS (This is a waste of your time. Do not read unless you are interested in the meaningless writings of a socially awkward female) MY MISSION:  Be more social at church with Christians.  I went in to church today trying to have an open mind. Blue-eyes (My … Continue reading Operation be Social: Church Edition

Tips for maintaining Faith in the Military

Working, sleeping, and eating in a giant floating grey box (aka Navy ship) can be exhausting. Especially when you don't have many opportunities to escape and spend time with the Lord. It's easy to get pulled into the routine and disorganization of it all.  These are some tips and things to look out for as a … Continue reading Tips for maintaining Faith in the Military